Our Programmes

CBN has created many platforms for connecting with fellow Catholics with the same professional background and that share the same struggles in the workplaces.

We are strongly committed to bringing more Catholic business owners, professionals and executives in Singapore together for the advancement of Catholic values and ethics in our work, and to serve the broader community.

Our programmes are multi-faceted and are largely structured around 4 core areas:

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CBN programs are designed to focus on the following four key streams:

  • Spiritual

    To equip members to live out their faith at their workplaces and business arenas  through Catholic teachings

  • Social

    To provide opportunities for members to network with each other and support each other in living their Catholic values at the workplace or business arena

  • Professional

    To provide an opportunity for Catholic business leaders to share their faith and corporate experiences as well as for subject matter experts to share their expertise with fellow Catholic professionals and business owners

  • Community

    To provide opportunities for Catholic business owners and professionals to give back to the community through social enterprises  and other charitable activities and vehicles

Examples of CBN activities reflecting these four key streams:

  • Spiritual Sessions

    • Comprise spiritual talks, retreats and conferences among others
    • Serve to equip members to have a deeper understanding of Catholic teachings to help them grow in faith and serve as “Shepherds In The Market Place”
    • Provide a platform for Catholic professionals and business owners to journey in faith together as a Catholic Community and support each other with their struggles in the marketplace

  • “Business BUZZ!!”

    • Comprises fun and meaningful social and business networking events at places like hotels, cafes, clubs or other social gathering hubs on a regular basis
    • Serves to help members to build new social and business relationships and to strengthen and cultivate existing ones

  • “My Journey …”

    • Comprises talks and sharings from successful Catholic business people and senior industry leaders from both the commercial and non-profit sectors
    • Serves to provide a platform for members to hear and benefit from these distinguished individuals

  • Annual Dinner and Dance

    • A grand annual get together and celebration for our members and key supporters and stakeholders

  • Bi-Annual Conference

    • A bi-annual full day conference with an exciting and enriching programme featuring distinguished speakers
    • To listen to and discuss issues related to our Catholic Faith, Catholic Community and the Community At Large as it relates to the marketplace

  • CBN Golf Classics

    • An annual golf tournament for business owners and professionals to get together and network and raise funds for Caritas Singapore

  • “Labourers of the Harvest” Group Study Guide

    • A study guide for groups of 6 to 15 individuals on Catholic Social Teachings as applied to the market place

There is usually an activity every month with 1 or 2 larger scale events held every year.

The Catholic Business Network where individuals come with the purpose of leading more Christ-centred work lives and become shepherds of Christ in the marketplace! Look forward to your generous support for CBN’s activities.