President’s Message


On behalf of the executive committee for 2016-2018, I'd like to invite you to be a part of the Catholic Business Network (CBN) family.

CBN is part of the Catholic Church's Caritas group of social mission organisations, and aims to manifest Catholic Social Teachings in marketplace ministry. We serve working adults and business owners as effective "Shepherds in the Marketplace" through our unique blend of Christ-centered conferences, seminars and networking sessions. We as God's children are not meant to operate alone in the world, and it is in the communities we form and serve, that one is able to fully project the presence of Christ in every aspect of our lives.

We are blessed to be given a highly motivated team in the new Executive Committee, and we look forward to bringing the best of Catholic leaders, spiritual directors, business and public figures to you. There could even be a few surprises along the lines of professional development and career/resource matching, and I invite you to stay close to us by joining one of our monthly events for a start.

May you find your significance in Life through Christ, and may He always light and guide your way- in life and in the marketplace.

God Bless!

Anthony Wong