CBN has created many platforms for connecting with fellow Catholics with the same professional background and that share the same struggles in the workplaces.

We are strongly committed to bringing more Catholic business owners, professionals and executives in Singapore together for the advancement of Catholic values and ethics in our work, and to serve the broader community.

Our programmes are multi-faceted and are largely structured around 4 core areas:

CBN programs are designed to focus on the following four key streams:


Examples of CBN activities reflecting these four key streams:

Spiritual Sessions
“Business BUZZ!!”
“My Journey …”
Annual Dinner and Dance
Bi-Annual Conference
CBN Golf Classics
“Labourers of the Harvest” Group Study Guide

There is usually an activity every month with 1 or 2 larger scale events held every year.

The Catholic Business Network where individuals come with the purpose of leading more Christ-centred work lives and become shepherds of Christ in the marketplace! Look forward to your generous support for CBN’s activities.